S.A.R. Metal Products is one of the leading sources of custom metalworking products in Baltimore, Maryland. We are a family-owned sheet metal fabrication shop providing parts and adornments to electrical companies in Maryland and its surrounding states.

Production Parts

S.A.R Metal Products

We specialize in providing reliable manufacturing solutions for high-quality components. Whether you need precision machined parts, injection-molded components, or fabricated assemblies, we are committed to delivering production parts that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. With our state-of-the-art equipment, skilled workforce, and quality control processes, we ensure the efficient and consistent production of parts for a wide range of industries.

Services Offered

  • Machine Parts
  • Light Mounts
  • Brackets
  • Clips
Precision Machining

Our precision machining services offer the production of intricate and accurate components through advanced machining processes. We utilize CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to achieve tight tolerances and complex geometries. From turning and milling to drilling and grinding, our experienced machinists utilize their expertise and precision equipment to deliver high-quality machined parts in various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Injection Molding

Our injection molding services provide efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of plastic components. We utilize state-of-the-art injection molding machines and employ advanced mold design techniques to produce consistent and dimensionally accurate parts. Whether it's for small or large volume production, we have the capacity to meet your requirements, offering a wide range of thermoplastic materials and finishes to ensure the desired performance and aesthetics of your parts.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabrication services encompass the production of custom parts and assemblies from sheet metal materials. With a combination of cutting, bending, welding, and finishing processes, we create precise and durable sheet metal components that meet your design specifications. Our skilled fabricators work closely with you to understand your requirements, ensuring efficient production while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Assembly and Integration

In addition to individual parts, we offer assembly and integration services to provide comprehensive solutions for your production needs. Our experienced technicians meticulously assemble and integrate various components, ensuring proper fit, functionality, and adherence to your assembly requirements. Whether it's mechanical assemblies, electrical components, or complex systems, we have the expertise to deliver fully integrated production parts that are ready for use.


We take immense pride in our metalworking expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to providing excellent customer service. As a trusted and well-established family-run sheet metal fabrication shop, we have earned a reputation as one of Maryland’s foremost custom metal production companies.

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